My Healing Approach

When we think of attaining better health we often focus on physically based modalities – nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, exercise programs, and ‘hands-on’ treatments that involve touch. Another very important component of healing is one that is energetic in nature – that is the power of our mind-body connection — or how our mind affects our body’s ability to self-heal.

What we believe and feel affects our health – our thoughts and emotions can make us well or ill. Long held negative emotions can shut down biologic processes, lowering immunity, metabolism, energy, and moods. Positive thoughts and feelings free up our energy and can be highly therapeutic. We even have hidden subconscious beliefs that can affect our overall health.

The human body is comprised of more energy than physical matter, and it is our energy that drives the connection between the body and mind. Thoughts and emotions are energetic messages that our individual cells listen and pay close attention to. When we begin to listen to our bodies and pay attention to the messages that we give them, incredible shifts can happen.

Dr. Marie taps into this mind-body connection with a potent blend of energetic healing modalities: shamanic energy work, traditional Mayan healing, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and family constellation work.

By freeing up blocks in the energy body, she helps your life force energy (chi in Chinese medicine ‘prana’ in Ayurvedic Medicine or ‘vis medicatrix naturae’ in Naturopathic Medicine) to flow more freely. One of the tenets of Naturopathic Medicine is the healing power of nature and the body’s own ability to self-correct or heal. Mind-body healing is a wonderful adjunct to any physical modality as it works directly with our body’s own self-healing wisdom. Most people leave a session feeling clear, relaxed, centered more aware and connected.

Shamanic Energy Work

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing and spirituality on the planet. Fundamental to this system is the recognition of our connection to the earth, and all of life both in physical and energetic form. Inherent to shamanic work is the ‘shamanic journey’ where the shamanic healer is able to receive information, retrieve energy and clear obstacles on behalf of a client. Dr. Marie connects shamanically on your behalf to support you in: re-gaining personal power, healing from trauma, releasing obstacles, and aligning you with your highest healing potential.

Traditional Mayan Healing (Mayan Abdominal Massage)

In traditional Mayan culture, the ‘womb’ or uterus is considered to be the center of a woman’s power. Ancient Mayan women took great care to maintain proper alignment of their wombs, and as a result, they rarely experienced cramps, fibroids, PMS, or even menopausal symptoms. When the uterus is centered and lifted, circulation is greatly improved, detox of the reproductive organs happens much more effectively, and women are more connected to their power. Traditional Mayan healing is not only for women who have hormonal imbalance or fertility issues, any woman will benefit from an aligned uterus – women experience more access to their inner power and feel more grounded. In a typical session, Dr. Marie will apply acupressure and aromatherapy to key uterine reflex points on the feet, she will incorporate deep abdominal work and movements to lift the uterus. Dr. Marie will give naturopathic ‘homework’ between sessions to support the alignment process.

Myofascial Release

The fascia system is composed of the extensive connective tissue fibers that lay just under the surface of our skin, that surround our bones, muscles, organs, nerves, and even penetrate deeply to the cellular level. The fascia is the interface between the physical and emotional body and has imprints of experiences with high emotional content – experiences that we hold beneath the conscious level as a method of protection.

Myofascial release (or MFR) uses steady touch and gentle unwinding is to follow the body’s natural movements. When a significant position or state is attained, the cranial rhythm will go into a still point, creating space for physiologic processes, memories and emotional content to arise and be processed and integrated consciously. This method of treatment ‘unloads’ the fascial system freeing up vital energy, circulation and releasing tension compression and restriction that blocks life force energy.

Family Constellation Work

This system of healing is entirely energetic – it can be done individually or in a group setting. Constellation work addresses the energy level or the ‘soul’ of a family. Whenever we are born into a family system, we are forever a part of this energetic system. We carry unresolved patterns that get passed on generationally through the DNA. The healing wisdom of a family system will cause unresolved patterns to repeat generationally until there is a resolution.

Constellation work quite simply honors the burdens of those who have come before us, and in doing so it facilitates a resolution of these unhealed patterns that are carried out of loyalty. Constellation work recognizes the ‘order’ inherent within a family system – who holds the parent position, child position, etc. When an individual is seen and restored to their proper place within a family it increases the flow of love and energy within a family system, and healing happens for that person and their ancestors and descendants.

Constellation work is an important modality to consider when someone is stuck in a cycle or pattern that they don’t want to be in but can’t seem to help repeating over and over, often against their will.

Check out this podcast with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Christine Schaffner for more information about this powerful healing tool.