Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Dr Marie Rodriqguez
Dr. Marie believes that each individual’s journey to wellness is unique. She recognizes that healing occurs at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, and strives to meet each of her patients at their stage of healing.
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Immune Boosting ‘Secret Weapon’

My favorite immune boosting secret weapon is actually an old school hydrotherapy treatment called ‘The Warming Socks’ treatment. I learned about this treatment ages ago…
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My Favorite Cold and Flu-busting Tips

Day 3 of Naturopathic Medicine week here, and I am determined to get as many people as I can cold and flu season ready! So…
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Elderberry to the Rescue!

As part of Naturopathic Medicine week, I am sharing daily immune support tips. Yesterday, I highlighted some general wellness tips for prevention during cold and…
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Healing Services

Many illnesses can be treated safely and effectively with natural medicine. Dr. Rodriguez assesses each patient individually in a first office visit, taking note of past medical history and other pertinent symptoms.

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nutrition and detoxification
women's health
pediatric care
biotherapeutic drainage
craniosacral therapy
energy medicine

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