I’d seen massage therapists, physical therapists, and myofascial release practitioners for a shoulder tendinopathy, and nothing did me as much good as Marie’s treatment.

It was like my whole system just stopped fighting itself. Love her work! – B.F.

“Everyone who I have recommended over the years have become loyal, long term clients. Marie is excellent!”

Dr. Marie has been treating me for over 10 years. Her wide ranging skills and modalities have healed and empowered so many areas of my life.

Dr. Marie has become a core part of our family’s healing system. From treating fertility issues, recovery after miscarriage, severe pain, trauma therapy, and more.

I highly recommend her incredible healing gift, thoughtful, holistic approach and contagious positive energy! – M.B.


I have worked with Dr. Rodriguez on and off for over 7 years now. She has helped me heal hormonal imbalances that no other doctor effectively addressed. Menstrual cramps disappeared through our work together.

She is a healer and wise in both medicine and energetic work. I highly recommend gifting yourself the chance to work with her. – R.S.

“Insightful healing experience!”

Dr. Marie is one of those magic healers. I just had one of the best healing sessions with her, and I’ve be working with energy healers for a while.

Whether you need physical, emotional or spiritual healing (chances are you need some of each), Dr. Marie artfully fuses her deep knowledge and intuition to create a powerful session uniquely tailored just for you.

I have been seeing Dr. Marie for a variety of healing needs over several years now, and can confidently say that she is one of the best!! – C.M.

“A true and compassionate healer.”

Dr. Rodriguez allies naturopathy and energy medecine rooted in acestral tradition to understand medical and psychological problems at the deepest. I have seen improvement immediately after the second session.

Each time I go see her, something new open in my life and I regain hope and faith. I strongly recommend her. The only thing is that she is so good that it is very hard to get an appointment, and this is the down side. – A.G.

“Tremendous healing from trauma and emotional pain.”

Dr. Marie has provided some very powerful healing sessions for me.  Most have been remote , over the phone, but one in person that I had tremendous results from! She is a very skilled healer. – Anonymous

“I recommend her with incredible enthusiasm!”

Dr Rodriguez is a wonderful mix of diagnostic care and hands on healing. I have seen her for adrenal issues, as well as cranial sacral work and shaman healing.

It is hard to put into words the impact that each session with her has had on my life… simply put she has been profoundly helpful in helping me heal physically and spiritually. – M.M.

“Fantastic healing.”

Dr. Marie is professional and caring. She did a healing for me having to do with deep family ties to my toxic birth family.

She was thorough, caring, intuitive and thoughtful. The few days that followed, I slept deep and soundly for several nights in a row and have found peace of mind. I highly recommend her for deep healing and balance. – J.A.

“Groundbreaking treatment.”

I did a shamanic healing session with her and then followed up with a phone consultation. We worked on healing very deep wounds and clearing past life stuff. I didn’t feel any improvement immediately. But the day after, I can literally sense a drastic shift in my “energy field”: it’s as if my body’s software system has been reprogrammed, and even “upgraded”: I experience a deep sense of relaxation. I am less driven by fear and feel rooted in my own power. I am very satisfied with her services. – N.R.

“She is a true healer.”

I am in infinite gratitude for finding and being able to work with Dr. Marie. She is a doctor, healer, intuitive, brilliant, magical human being all in one.

She really listens to your deep concerns and is validating and respectful. She uses all her healing skills to get to the root cause and help you reach your optimal health & well-being.

I had a whole host of issues coming in and together we’ve made incredible progress on all of them in just 6 weeks. I really can’t thank her enough. – S.T.

“Dr. Marie is fabulous!”

Dr. Marie has a deep comprehension of a body’s needs and a simple, clear style of communication.

She is personable and easy to talk to, and her ability to summarize a ton of helpful info in a single session is such a joy.

Her connection to the divine is evident immediately, and her commitment to a practical path for each individual is calming and lovely. I recommend her to anyone interested in a whole body approach to health. She’s fabulous! – K.B. 

“Just make an appointment!”

Dr. Marie is a gifted healer. She’s also a totally safe and non-judgemental person. Its easy to see that Dr. Marie is doing exactly what she loves and is meant to do, because she is so grounded, and thoughtful and giving to the moment.

I did the family constellation process with Dr. Marie and had no idea what to expect. It is truly blessed work, and comes from the deepest realms. Marie just takes you there. She honors the space. Thank you Dr. Marie, for doing such important work with people. I am so grateful. – A.S. 

“Brilliant healthcare provider.”

Dr. Marie is hands down the best health care provider that I’ve ever had. She has successfully treated all manner of ailments, including thyroid issues, severe post traumatic stress, and pregnancy related issues.

She is unassuming and calm, and quickly identifies and treats root causes instead of just symptoms. I have referred several family, colleagues and friends to her over the years and continue to do so. She is gifted in so many ways and continues to share new modalities with her patients. – M.B.


Dr. Marie initiates powerful shifts for me. She guides me through deep meditations which allow my body to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. I so look forward to her appointments and the treatments. What a gifted healer!
– G.D.

“A loving, caring, wonderful doctor.”

I started seeing Dr. Rodriguez while under tremendous stress from my marital separation. In addition to energy work, she treated me with homeopathic remedies, coached me on diet and listened to my problems. The remedies were completely tailored and individualized and they immediately started to work.

I started to feel like a different person. My husband and I have now reconciled and are expecting our second child. I now feel happy with mental clarity and health. She changed my life. – E.E.

“Beam me down, Rodri!”

I’ve been seeing Dr. Rodriguez for just less than a year. The significant changes I’ve made in health and wellness as well as my life’s path are astounding. I do accredit those changes to my work with Dr. Rodriguez.

My most recent appointments include the cranialsacral therapy – which I highly recommend. The relaxing therapy opens up all the knots and kinks and brings my floating, airy, anxiety-ridden body right back down the Earth. It’s good to be grounded and Dr. Rodriguez will get you there. – J.B.

Are you ready to experience these shifts for yourself?