Deep healing is an ongoing journey
that involves commitment to yourself

Your body is wise and capable of self healing

Your physical and emotional symptoms are your body’s preferred method of communication

It’s communicating about the obstacles in the way of your healing

These obstacles can be deep patterns that you are unaware of

Pattens of protection that once served, but that you have outgrown

The human body is comprised of more energy than physical matter,
and it is our energy that drives the connection between the body and mind.

As a naturopathic physician and energy healer…

I truly believe in our body’s innate healing wisdom, and I feel passionate about helping others gain access to their inner power.

I have been in naturopathic practice since 2002, and I additionally have over 15 years of experience as a craniosacral practitioner.

My journey into naturopathic medicine has been an evolution from the scientific to the spiritual.

I found naturopathic medicine after being a stressed-out, burnt out chemistry major/pre-med student in college. 

My own personal health journey has helped me to see that the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of our human experience are intertwined.

I enjoy weaving the contents of my eclectic medicine bag to support individuals wherever they are on their own healing journey.

My Unique Healing Approach

From Weariness to Warrior-ess 

A five month intensive healing journey to regrow your root center so you can reclaim your inner power 

Are you ready for some deep focused healing infused with spiritual growth?





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MysticMag Interview

Read about Harmony in Health: Exploring Naturopathy in an interview I had with MysticMag Magazine!

Marie is phenomenal!

I’d seen massage therapists, physical therapists, and myofascial release practitioners for a shoulder tendinopathy, and nothing did me as much good as Marie’s treatment. It was like my whole system just stopped fighting itself. Love her work!
— B.F.

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