From Weariness to Warrior-ess

A five month intensive healing journey to regrow your root center
so you can reclaim your inner power

Are you ready for some deep focused healing infused with spiritual growth?

Maybe you haven’t had the energy you used to, or you have a knowing inside of you that there is more to your healing journey…

Or maybe you have been working on yourself for awhile now and feel that there is still something holding you back from achieving the vitality and life that you desire? 

Have you tried so many things to feel better and have better energy, or to achieve your life goals: diets, supplements, therapy, acupuncture, coaches, and maybe you make some progress, but just not to the extent that you were desiring?

Or maybe you have even been told by doctors that your labs are normal and that there is nothing wrong with you?

Do you feel like there is still something missing?

I suffered from fatigue for years and for the longest time, I had to overcome a sense of oppression that came from the inside. 

I had worked with so many healers and had spent thousands of dollars on coaches – tapping, gratitude practices, affirmations and even hypnosis – I made some progress, but not to the extent that it lasted.

Here I was a licensed naturopathic doctor in private practice with access to the widest array of therapies, which I tried one after one with only moderate success.  It wasn’t until I began exploring energy healing modalities that my energy started to shift and I began to learn more about what was at the core holding me back from optimal wellness.

I still had a long way to go, and I continued to explore.

At one point I was so burnt out in private practice – I had had chronic insomnia and adrenal exhaustion for years that was not responding to naturopathic protocols. 

What I later discovered what that I was a highly sensitive empath and that I had poor boundaries and a lack of the grounding I needed to discharge energy that wasn’t mine.  I was absorbing all the energy around me and that was keeping me up at night.

As my journey continued – I devoted myself to getting into better balance with my practice, to come from a more heart centered place and to be able to share my talents with the world in a way that was creative and inspiring. 

I embarked on a 6 month intensive into shadow work with a powerful guide – it was after this that I began to attract the right teachers, taking the lessons I needed from them and continuing on my journey.

You see, it has taken me a ton to heal – and I am still healing – I have been on a deep healing journey for over 15 years. 

I had spent nearly $20,000 on coaches in a year to get unstuck, I did 4 years of therapy and numerous workshops. So many workshops that many friends and colleagues must have thought I was a workshop-aholic. Well, maybe I was, but the truth is I was searching because I felt something was missing.

What I learned along the way:


  • I had hidden trauma
  • I was unconsciously repeating my childhood patterns in all aspects of my life
  • I was subconsciously programmed to disown my power as it had helped my ancestors to survive
  • On a deep level I was frozen
  • I had to show up for myself, but was programmed not to, generations of women before me had shut down to survive

In this program, we will:

  • Create a sacred space
  • Set powerful intention for you
  • Do a complete naturopathic workup
  • Co-create a healing protocol for you to follow
  • Have 2 monthly visits: 1 naturopathic visit and 1 energy healing visit
  • Explore soul retrieval work, energy clearing, chakra balancing, family constellation work and past life regression

You will receive:

  • 2 monthly visits: 1 naturopathic visit and 1 energy healing visit
  • A weekly email check-in
  • Monthly naturopathic healing plans
  • 3 energy-hygiene care packages
  • Self-care tips
  • Guided practices for transformation

Your commitment:

  • Daily assignments and weekly homework: hydrotherapy, breathing, guided meditation, exercises and practices to support your boundaries
  • Nature ‘field work’
  • Weekly moon ritual online and on your own
  • Following naturopathic supplement protocol

This intensive could be for you if any of these apply:

– You feel like the work you have done on yourself doesn’t reflect back in your ever day life

– You are desiring to improve your energy and mood, your motivation, or your relationships

– You used to have a passion for life that has been sapped for some reason

– You feel like something is missing in your current self care or healing regimen

– You been told by doctors that your labs are normal and there’s nothing wrong with you

– You tried therapy and/or coaching with only partial results

– Or perhaps you are someone who is ready to dive deep and is looking for a supportive guide

This intensive is not for you if:

– You want a magic wand to fix things quickly

– You want to go back to how you were before ‘all of this happened’ in your life

– You feel that it is unfair that you have to do more work than other people to feel well

About Dr. Marie

I am a trauma-informed naturopathic doctor in practice since 2002 with a myriad of eclectic energy healing skills in my medicine bag.


My beliefs:

  • Our body knows how to heal itself
  • Obstacles to healing are sometimes protection we have outgrown
  • Our symptoms are our bodies language
  • We are often attracted to experiences and partners who duplicate our trauma so we can learn and move on
  • A fully intact root chakra is the key to vibrant health and graceful aging
  • We are meant to be connected to the earth
  • Our connection to the natural world is vital for our own resilience and healing
  • Healing is a journey not a destination
  • Healing is about coming apart enough to be able to re-weave our framework to better suit us
  • There are always ups and downs on any healing journey
  • Healing crisis can happen as the body gets unstuck
  • Sometimes discomfort is a part of healing
  • We have an inner healer/higher self that is always on deck

Deep healing is an ongoing journey that involves commitment to yourself – aren’t you worth this?

Are you ready to show up for yourself?