On the DIY CLEANSE, your body’s innate self-cleansing ability is enhanced on your timeline.

Where naturopathic medicine meets energy clearing to enliven your body and illuminate your spirit.

The Do it Yourself Cleanse will help you release toxicity and let go of heavy energy so you can feel more clear, vibrant, and inspired


It’s best to cleanse twice a year.


We all know the uphill battle we’re facing when it comes to our body’s burden of environmental exposure (there are over 80,000 chemicals that may impact our health – such as heavy metals, plastics, VOC’s, AND glyphosate in our food supply).

Plus, your body is exposed to more EMFs (and negative thoughts) than it was designed to process.

So, even if you’re a healthy eater, exercise regularly, and do energy work, you STILL NEED to make cleansing a part of your life.

It is a powerful tool to lighten your burden both physically AND emotionally. On a physical level, cleansing provides numerous benefits: better energy and clarity, improved moods and hormonal balance, better digestion and immunity.

This is not the master cleanse or juice fast, it’s a more balanced approach. When we do the inner work to dissolve the blockages that our life experiences create, cellular function is enhanced, and our therapeutic diets and supplements can actually have the impact they were designed to.

We often commit to a cleaner lifestyle with New Year’s resolutions or as spring cleaning, but truth is anytime of year is the right time for a cleanse!

What many don’t know is that cleansing also dissolves energetic blockages. It creates a safe internal space to process, integrate and release held emotional patterns.

In my 20+ years of naturopathic practice, I’ve even seen how a cleanse can be THE thing that enables people to heal from anxiety.

You see, cleansing provides a healing and sealing of the gut – stabilizing the gut-brain axis and balancing neurotransmitters (80% of neurotransmitters are made in the gut!)

Dietary cleanses are our BEST secret weapon for prevention, and why I’m SO excited to offer this 11-Day DIY Virtual Cleanse. It’s a program that combines the best of my tried and true naturopathic cleanse (think elimination diet made simple) with energy clearings via audio file.

So let’s move out what our bodies are ready to shed!

Cleansing provides that physiologic ‘nudge’ our bodies require to tend to what’s been buried – be it physical or energetic. This program is for you if:

​✨ You’re ready to feel more aligned and clear

​✨ You’d like to overcome allergies and want support around seasonal transition

​✨ You want to get unstuck and feel more  connected to your passions and purpose

​✨ You desire more energy and motivation

​✨ Want to improve sleep, reduce stress, and even shed a few pounds

If this excites you, I invite you to download the DIY Cleanse and start this powerful practice a minimum of once or twice per year (ideally four times each year as the seasons change). For a small investment, you will receive:

  • Welcome Guide
  • 4 audio trainings
  • 2 slide decks
  • 3 guided energy clearings
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Daily encouragement for 11 days of self-care
  • Supplemental Protocol (optional)

If you’re interested in preventing fall allergies, priming your immune system in advance of ‘cold and flu’ season, or shedding some ‘excess,’ then the DIY Cleanse is perfect for you.


It is extra special because it includes access to three energy clearings!

The results of this cleanse are extraordinary- especially given the 11 day framework. Clearer skin and mind, weight loss (though not the goals, is one of the benefits), less overall stiffness and pain, less GI bloat and better sleep all resulted.

With so much gratitude to and for you,

Dr. Marie!

I would rate my experience as a 5/5! I loved the diet, the ‘classes’, the nutrition components, and the meditations. I am continuing to adhere to the diet, with few exceptions, and it feels effortless. The motivation is still there and the energy around the cleanse is still very much alive.

I am amazed at the ‘boundaries’ in my entire life that were impacted, not just the food/diet boundaries. I felt like heavy layers of coats were being removed during the cleanse. I did some energy work on Saturday after the class ended, and saw and felt a heavy yolk lifted off of me which was about family shame- creating even more clearing.

~ Romie P.

The peeling of layers continues and I feel lighter energetically – and also physically (as I eat differently). I have noticed that I am way more mindful about everything I do. I am taking greater care to chop vegetables, for example, and eating more slowly and mindfully. The self-care has enabled more self-love and a centering to come way more fully into myself and ‘home’.

I am so grateful. Thank you.

Dr. Marie draws from her decades of experience and expertise in several healing modalities to create a cleanse that shifts both body and consciousness to health and well-being. Her daily email check ins, excellent suggestions, recipes and resources on how to best move through the detox process is exemplary. She provides doable, practical guidance post cleanse, as well.

~ Diane W.

It’s the end of the Late Summer Cleanse and I feel so good, it’s scary! Eating like Tom Brady is changing my life. I am so grateful for the surprise gifts as a result of eating cleaner:

  • I feel full while eating less (snacking is fun or can be to self-soothe)
  • I want to stop over-analyzing and over-explaining things (signs of anxiety or people pleasing … this pattern is dying hard and fast!)
  • My cycle was enjoyable (after 31 years of painful periods, I found that avoiding sugar and drinking more water, about a gallon per day, made a HUGE difference in my mood)

Thank you, anti-inflammatory diet – let’s stay together awhile longer.

~ Michele S.

If there’s a part of your life that you’d like to uplevel, letting go of the old and what’s no longer in alignment is a necessary first step. Cleansing creates the space for change and for your next chapter to align with you.

Are you ready to say yes to cleansing and renewing your body, mind and spirit?