Healthy Kids, Happy Families: Video Series

Videos and PDFs chock full of information to empower parents in supporting their children nutritionally for optimal development and immune resilience. Also great information for making your at-home acute care and first aid kit.

I created this series because throughout the past several years in my naturopathic medicine practice, I’ve often found myself offering health advice to my patients and friends on behalf of their children. When my patients are around children who are not well, I know that they (and their immune systems) must be under additional stress. This can certainly be an obstacle to healing. I thought it would be a great idea to capture some of the information that I repeatedly share as a resource to help keep the whole family well.

Due to our stressful lifestyles, our toxic environment, and our nutrient depleted foods, our immune systems are weaker and more dysregulated than ever before. This generation of children is the first that won’t out live their parents. I strongly believe it is now more important than ever to have a healthy foundation right from the start.

We live in such times of fear and misinformation when it comes to health concerns, that I wanted to take an opportunity to come from a different perspective – one of empowerment. I want to give you a wealth of useful information about nutrition, homeopathy and herbal home remedies to help you: make informed choices about your children’s health, to strengthen your children’s immune systems, to help your children fight of illness naturally, and to set a strong foundation for vibrant living.