Late Summer Cleanse 🌻

Cleansing is such a powerful way to lighten our burden both physically AND emotionally.   On a physical level, cleansing provides numerous benefits: better energy and clarity, improved moods and hormonal balance, better digestion and immunity.  We all know the uphill battle we’re facing when it comes to our body’s burden of environmental exposure (there are over 80,000 chemicals that may impact our health – such as heavy metals, plastics, VOC’s, AND glyphosate in our food supply).

What many don’t know is that cleansing also dissolves energetic blockages.  It creates a safe internal space to process, integrate and release held emotional patterns.  In my 20+ years of practice, I’ve even seen how a cleanse can be THE thing that enables people to heal from anxiety.  You see, healing and sealing the gut brings stability and balance to the gut-brain axis and balances neurotransmitters (80% of neurotransmitters are made there!)

Dietary cleanses are our best secret weapon for prevention, which is why I’m SO excited to host my first virtual cleanse program.  I’m offering a program that combines the best of my tried and true naturopathic cleanse (think elimination diet made simple) with regular energy clearings.  So let’s move out what our bodies are ready to shed! After all, we’re carrying extra emotional weight from these last few years.

Cleansing provides that physiologic ‘nudge’ our bodies require to tend to what’s been buried – be it physical or energetic, and late summer is the perfect time!

✨ Are you ready to feel more aligned and clear?

✨ Interested in preventing fall allergies and prepping immunity for the change of season?

✨ Do you want to get unstuck and feel more  connected to your passions and your purpose?

✨ Do you want more energy and motivation?

✨ Do you want to sleep better, lower stress, and even shed a few pounds?


Join Dr. Marie Rodriguez for a 10 Day Late Summer Cleanse!


Your 10 Day Virtual Program Includes:

✨  Dietary Cleanse Plan
✨  Cleanse-friendly Anti-inflammatory Recipes
✨  Daily email guidance
✨  3 video calls with energy clearing and healing
✨  Supportive lifestyle practices to last a lifetime
✨  Supplement Protocol (optional)

If you’ve never done the elimination diet and are curious, then this cleanse is for you!  The past few years have been SO much for our bodies to process, many of us are stuck because our bodies are too overwhelmed to feel safe enough to let go.

Let’s create a safe and sacred space together to recenter and reconnect to release all that no longer serves – body, mind and spirit ✨

claim your seat today!

September 7, 2022 - September 16, 2022