December 3rd Shamanic Sound Healing

Healing with sound is an ancient practice that’s currently experiencing a great resurgence in popularity.  Perhaps it’s a sign of the evolving collective consciousness – we’re currently in a time when humanity is being called to shift extremely outdated paradigms.

As spiritual beings living in a human container, our energy bodies are comprised of frequencies.  We respond to and resonate with sound waves of all types -we’re essentially ‘wired’ for sound.

When we have physical or emotional imbalances, our natural resonance is out of tune and exposure to sound frequencies can bring our bodies back into healthy vibration.

Sound healing can take many forms and have many effects.  Instruments range from primal sounds of drums, rattles and even the didgeridoo to the grounding tones of metal Tibetan bowls to the ethereal sounds of crystal bowls.

Sound healers are also of all types – from highly trained musicians to intuitive mediums who play through channeling and guidance from spirit guides.

Dr. Marie is the later type of practitioner, with 25 yrs of shamanic experience she creates a powerful sacred container for your inner guidance system to lead your healing experience.  Some sounds deeply relax you while others can begin the process of dissolving a blockage.

Why should you give shamanic sound healing a try?

To experience a more expanded state

To shift your orientation from your head to your heart

To tap into your intuition and receive guidance

To cultivate your spiritual side

What is a group shamanic sound healing like?

In a group setting, we will first resource ourselves with deep grounding and centering.  We’ll set healing intentions together, & embark on a guided sound healing journey.  You’ll lie on the ground in a comfortable position of your choice.

Each person will have their own felt experience – some sounds will deeply relax you while others can begin the process of dissolving a blockage.  We’ll have a chance to share process and integrate at the end of a session

Join us on Sunday, December 3rd
10 – 12 PM
119 Oronoco St
Alexandria VA 22314

December 3, 2023 10:00 AM - December 3, 2023 12:00 PM
119 Oronoco St
Arlington, Virginia United States
Dr. Marie
Marie Rodriguez ND, PLLC