In traditional Mayan culture, the ‘womb’ or uterus is considered to be the center of a woman’s power. If her womb was out of balance, her life would also be out of balance. For this reason, ancient Mayan women took great care to maintain the health and alignment of their wombs, and as a result, they rarely experienced cramps, fibroids, PMS, or even menopausal symptoms!

For Mayan women, womb care was prioritized (much as we prioritize brushing our teeth) as an act of daily self-care with regular self massage.  When the uterus is centered and lifted, circulation is greatly improved, detox of the reproductive organs happens much more effectively, and women are more connected to their power.

I had the pleasure of studying ancient Mayan healing techniques with Ann Drucker– who carries the lineage of Mayan healer Ms. Beatriz’ 400 yr old tradition.  Studying and learning about healing plants in Ann’s back yard and practicing Maya healing techniques on one another was a once in a lifetime experience.  Ann did such a powerful job of connecting me to this ancient and powerful healing tradition.

A big part of this work is being able to connect to the Mayan lineage through intention, ritual and the essence of plants.  It is the energy of this lineage that supports healing blockages in the female system.  I have been very impressed with the capacity of this work to support fertility.  The womb must be clear of energies to make a warm and loving space for new life.

One of the treatments they utilized was the vaginal steam – also known as the ‘yoni’ steam. This ancient herbal hydrotherapy treatment involves steaming a variety of herbs that are cleansing, nourishing, promote circulation, improve moisture and hormonal balance. I have seen many of my female clients heal from painful periods rather quickly by simply incorporating this ancient ritual once or twice a month.

The first steam I did has a powerful effect, I could feel a palpable sense of groundedness rise up me as the steam rose. It felt like I was tapping into and re-activating an ancient part of myself. I also had zero PMS symptoms the cycle that followed! That is worth it’s weight in gold.

Here’s how to do you first yoni steam:

You will need a chair with perforations, or you can sit at the edge of a chair – they make special chairs with holes in them, but for beginners it may be easier to work with what you have
one large thick blanket, comforter or quilt
Put 1 cup herbs – I like the blend by DeviSteam – in 2-3 cups water and simmer for 15 minutes until steam is rising – do not boil
Place pot under chair (if there is a hole) or right at the edge of the seat
Undress from waist down, sit over steam ‘path’ and wrap your blanket completely around you for a steam tent effect
Sit for 20 min and enjoy