Important COVID19 update – brand new information about natural treatments

Since there are currently no clinically researched natural treatments specific for COVID19, my recommendations to this point have been based upon what is typically helpful to support a strong and healthy immune system – including remedies that are known antiviral agents.

I now have very important new information from immunology research that I wanted to share as it could be extremely helpful – for prevention and treatment. I think it’s critical to share this information widely and as quickly as possible as it has the potential to turn the course for those who are immune compromised and elderly.

Most of this information comes from a couple of webinars and from this excellent podcast I recently shared on Facebook. I will summarize the important points below. The podcast is heavy into immunological science but it is chock-full of critical information and I’d dare say potentially life-saving information.

Avoid with COVID-19 infection:

ACE-inhibitors. These medications work on the very receptors that that the virus binds to- so they stress the very biological system the virus attacks. Because ACE inhibitors increase the amount of receptors the virus binds to, those who are on this medication will invariably have a higher viral load. Better to utilize other types of blood pressure lowering medications than ACE inhibitors now.

Ibuprofen – switch to acetominophen instead. It is thought that Ibuprofen exacerbates the illness as it puts more stress on the very system (renin-angiotensin) implicated in infection.

Things to add in for prevention:

Vitamins: C, A, D3 – These vitamins shut down the biochemical cascade responsible for the severe lung inflammation. Preventative doses to consider:

2-4,000 mg of Vitamin C

20,000 IU Vitamin A (not beta-carotene)

2-4,000 IU Vitamin D

Good quality sleep to boost melatonin which also reduces inflammation

Herbs to consider adding in for prevention:

Andrographis has been indicated becasuse it inhibits the furin protease on the cellular membrane which is necessary for viral binding, also – Elderberry, Astragalus.

What to do when/if infected:

Increase Vitamin C levels – It down regulates the inflammatory markers that cause the severely uncontrolled inflammation in the lungs. Increase C levels to bowel tolerance – which basically means taking upwards of 10,000 mg per day or higher or until your have looser stools

Add in stress reducing herbs:

Passionflower, Feverfew, Ashwagandha– Not only are these herbs powerful for reducing stress (which is so depleting to the immune system) they reduce IL6 (interleukin 6) a key modulator of inflammation implicated in this disease.

One last note about prevention = Quality sleep important

Lastly, sleep and stress reduction are both extremely important. Because melatonin levels are inversely correlated with illness, sleep is critical now. This is thought to be the reason why children are less susceptible because they have higher melatonin levels.

Consider: meditation, limiting your news consumption and including some deep breathing that will not only promote relaxation, it will power up your lungs. I really like ‘5 for 5’ breathing. Inhale for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5, exhale for a count of 5 and hold again for a count of 5. Repeat this 5 times.

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COVID-19 – Some Additional Support Right Here :)

I felt like sharing some support and information during what feels like an unusually ‘weighty’ time. Last week, it felt like all I needed was more breathing room, so I have been tuning in quite a bit less to media and I’m feeling so much better!  For those of you who are currently tuning-out and happily going about your day, I applaud you – there is no need to read the rest of this post.  Just know that I am offering a guided stress-reduction meditation this Saturday 3.14 at 5pm  EST, I will also have time for q&a and cover some immune supportive ‘tips’. Stay tuned for a link. 

For those of you who believe knowledge is empowering, I wanted to share some quality information from a few perspectives that have come across my path in the past week:

Integrative Medicine Perspective

My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Christine Schaffner at Sophia Institute treats a large population of chronically ill patients with high-level cutting edge methods that are integrative.  Their center combines the best of research oriented protocols and bioenergetic interventions.  Since they treat such an immunocompromised population, the doctors at Sophia are really at ‘ground zero’ for learning what will be useful in prevention and treatment of COVID-19.  They are doing amazing work to keep us abreast of the latest developments and tools that can be helpful.  I attended a webinar last week that went heavy into the immune science behind this variant of coronavirus, and based upon this update, I am still recommending the measures I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Tonight, Dr. Klinghardt at Sophia is offering a webinar with more information, feel free to sign up for the call, and you should be able to get a replay.

Chinese Medicine Perspective

This is a great research article of findings from Chinese Medicine practitioners who traveled to Wuhan and treated COVID-19 patients first hand with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  I find it extremely fascinating and very informative.  Translated from Chinese medicine terms to layperson’s terms: what they discovered was that the manner in which the virus infects and then affects the respiratory system is unique and requires an entirely different approach. People aren’t getting sore throats and upper respiratory congestion with this illness, they are experiencing fevers, sometimes headaches, and a dry cough with a thicker congestion that settles deeper into the lungs. The acupuncturists were able to help the patients by treating the large intestine meridian instead of the lung meridian (which is typically how a respiratory illness is addressed).  The large intestine and lungs are connected after all.

Long story short, if we get this virus, it’s not one that we will be able to ‘cough up’ – it’s almost like we just have to ‘digest it’ – for lack of a better explanation.  Since the congestion is ‘sticky’, it will stick around longer, so hydration, warm broths and your herbal teas here will really help.  Staying well now goes really far in not only preventing, but also increasing our chances at moving through it more comfortably.  Once again, my previous suggestions still apply.  

Mental Health Perspective

Check out this supportive blog post written by another dear friend and mental health expert, Dr. Julie Lopez.  It offers keen insight about risk vs. stress levels during these times.  While COVID-19 will need to run its course, it’s important to dial out and get the bird’s eye view as much as possible.  Is keeping up with the flood of statistics more harmful than helpful?  Probably.  As important as it is to keep our bodies strong and healthy, it’s also important to discern what is helpful information, and what can be ‘too much’ information.  Afterall,  our DC metro airways are already extra-burdened with politics in an intense election year.  This is more than enough energy for my system.
One final note – have you noticed we are heading into Spring?  You may be sniffling and sneezing and these are extremely common allergy symptoms, not COVID-19 symptoms. So no need to fear the seasonal allergy sufferer – there are a lot of us out there!

I feel we are all doing our best to contain this, and this is a time for us to support each other in this shared experience –  in spite of it being inconvenient.  We will get through it!

Dr.  Marie

Yoga & Energy Healing Retreat for Women in Haramara, MX November 14-21, 2020

The intention of our yoga and energy healing retreat is to support and empower you on your healing journey – you may crave replenishment and renewal or you may have a specific intention or a desire to create a change in your life.  Dr. Marie and Liana will create a warm and safe supportive environment for you to become deeply grounded and cultivate your inner calm and resilience.  You will be guided through yoga and energy healing sessions designed to clear past energies and support optimal alignment with your present –  so that you may flow into your future goals with greater ease and awareness.

Haramara resort is located outside of Puerto Vallarta near the neighboring town of Sayulita.  It is set on a lush hillside overlooking the ocean – it is a beautiful eco-resort. The land at Haramara is special – it is sacred land previously occupied by the local Huichol tribe.  The owner of Haramara built the resort with the intention of keeping the native vibe fully intact.  It is the perfect place to unplug – all of the open air cabanas are spaced far apart, so you feel fully immersed in the terrain, and electricity is limited to the main dining and pool areas.  A visit to this land is deeply healing in and of itself.  

Together, we will experience:

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~spa treatments~temezcal (Aztec sweat lodge)

~walks into the neighboring town of Sayulita

Unplug, tune into nature and receive support on your journey – we hope you can join us!

Who We Are:
We are both alternative medicine and healing professionals practicing in Washington, D.C.  We deeply believe in the body’s innate capacity to heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony and are passionate about helping others gain access to their own healing power.  We met almost 20 years ago at a yoga studio and have continued to build on that initial connection through our friendship, respective healing journeys, and professional paths.  We are very excited to be collaborating together on our first of what we hope will be many retreats! 
Dr. Marie has been in naturopathic medicine practice since 2002, and has over 20 years experience as a craniosacral practitioner.  As a fervent seeker and forever student, Dr. Marie’s personal healing journey inspired her to study a myriad of energetic healing modalities.  She has extensive shamanic training, has been a long-time meditation practitioners, is a family constellation facilitator and is recently certified in past life regression.  
Dr. Marie recognizes that the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of our human experience are all highly intertwined.  She skillfully weaves the contents of her eclectic medicine bag to support people wherever they are on their own healing journey.
Liana Brooks-Rubin is nationally certified as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine.  She is a licensed acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500).  Like Dr. Marie, Liana is a seeker and perpetual student who is dedicated to deepening her study and practice of Chinese medicine, largely through an ongoing hands-on apprenticeship with the founders of the Association for Traditional Studies based in Asheville, NC.  Liana has also been a dedicated student and practitioner of alignment-based yoga, pranayama (breathwork), and meditation for 20 years and has been a teacher of Hatha yoga since 2004.  

Pricing, Accommodations, Reservations
*All prices below cover accommodations, three meals per day, twice daily yoga classes, guided group healing exercises and rituals, and one combined acupuncture/energy healing session per person.  Separate costs include airfare, shuttle to and from the airport in Puerto Vallarta to Haramara and any on-site spa services you opt to take advantage of while at Haramara.*
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