Where do you go when all the world is awry and there’s very little room for clarity? I turn to nature. She’s the best healer. Humans, by design, are meant to shift and flow with the cycles of the Earth. When we reconnect with intention, it can have a powerful healing effect by aligning us with what is real.

We all descend from ancestors who lived without material needs, for they were deeply resourced by nature. We too, have this capacity. I believe that we can come into better balance and harmony by remembering and rebuilding this connection.

Tuesday marked the equinox and a shift into the season of Autumn. It is a good time to pause and take a few moments to shift into the season by connecting to nature with intention. One of my favorite self-healing rituals is a simple and powerful reset – check it out below:

Equinox Ritual Reset 
Lie on your belly (preferably on the Earth) and imagine you’re a sponge
that can soak up nourishing energy. Breathe and feel grateful. Lie there for 3-5 minutes. Flip onto your back and inhale the sunlight in deeply – warming your skin all the way to your core. As you exhale, imagine any heaviness or unease being released out of the pores of your back body and into the earth. Lie there
for 3-5 minutes or more. Repeat as many times as you wish.

Full Moon Healing Journey
Thurs, Oct 1st @ 7:30pm EST

Next Thursday, I’m leading one of my last three Full Moon Healing Meditations of the year, and it’s a full hour of pure relaxation. Some of the best healings I’ve ever had came from one thing and one thing only: energy work. Not green juice or fasting (though very nice complements!)

We are 90% energy, and when it flows properly – it’s a huge support to our physical and emotional health.I offer a guided full moon healing journey each month to help you clear negative energy, transform your belief in what’s possible, reclaim lost energy. I often incorporate the sound of a rattle, so we can enter a meditative alpha brain wave state. We set our intentions as a group and I guide us into sacred space. Some people go into a deep rest and others receive guidance through images or experience physical sensations associated with healing. All are welcome.

Zoom link below, and here is a link for donations.Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/FullMoonOct2020
Meeting ID: 437 353 1342
Password: peacecalm
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/3OsMSngb