Do you ever wake with a sense of overwhelm and worry how you’re going to accomplish your to do list within a limited time frame? I’m no stranger to this common experience. It’s like the day has started and it is driving you, instead of the other way around!

I was reminded the other day of the Shamanic practice of opening sacred space. My drum fell from it’s shelf for no apparent reason and at that moment I thought ‘why have I not been doing this?!’ I picked it up and drummed in the four directions. To my surprise that day, with very little breaks, flowed more smoothly than I could have imagined!

Watch this video for a quick way to try this practice to support you. The more we connect in this way, the more we can feel connected to, and thus supported by the organizing principles of the universe. Your meetings will go more smoothly, you’ll feel more focused and those crazy drivers won’t come near you – it will be as if you are held in a safe bubble. Get creative and see what resonates with you for making your space sacred!