Right when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, some of us want to isolate and turn inward. Grouchiness is not uncommon for many of us this time of year. Doesn’t apply to you? That’s great – there are many of us who need more time to adjust to the extremely extroverted energy of Spring. We can feel so exposed—especially after such a solitary and depleting winter. Check out this video about the phenomenon of Spring depression.

Definitely learn from the blog how tending to liver health this time of year can support moods and seasonal adjustment.

I wanted to share an exciting allergy breakthrough I had recently. I’m a regular at Synergy Float in Alexandria – I try to hop in the Magnesphere at least once a month for a good, deep reset. This month, they ran the ‘allergy’ protocol and it really got me over the hump with my allergies. (No kick back for me sharing this information! I just know first hand how allergies can really drag you down!) Consider checking them out if allergies are an ongoing nuisance for you. Please note, I have been on my allergy protocol consistently, but the addition of this cutting edge therapy has brought complete clarity.t.