We completed our first 9-day virtual self-care immersion – Reclaim, Release, Restore on Tuesday evening. Thank you, to Dr. Dae for collaborating, and to everyone who participated and made this a positive experience! We had participants who wanted to re-center, some who wanted to shed a few pounds, others who are actively working on boundaries … and some who are working on all three!

When a group of people gets together, the energy amplifies, so it is a much stronger support for all of our intentions. I also realize that as an empath, I become part of the group process, so this reset was a learning experience and a very powerful shift for me. I got very clear and grounded (the anti-inflammatory diet combined with all the self-care rituals created a more powerful impact), and I have increased awareness, focus, and energy – all of which helped me to feel more connected to my body. As a result, I have an even greater sense of my own sensitivity.

In these current times, I need so much more clearing, nature, and quiet time. I’m sure most healers agree when I say it certainly hasn’t been ‘business as usual’ for quite some time! Right now, we need to use ALL the tools, ALL the time. I’ve been showing up in the warrior role, active in legislative work for NDs in VA, and maintaining an in-person clientele in a city – that quite frankly – feels unfriendly to sensitive, independent-thinking, empathic healers like myself. I’m opening up to possibilities that are more supportive of my work – in the meantime – I am showing up until the next step is revealed. I’ve always flowed with change…

Which brings me to another realization – that I no longer want to ‘hold space!’ This came in loud and clear during the reset. Holding space is a widespread accepted ‘definition’ of what a healer, facilitator, or a good listener does. AND I feel it’s ALL WRONG.

Yes, being a compassionate witness is what this work is truly about; however, words are powerful programs and ‘hold’ a strong message … as I held space for the reset, I found myself becoming rigid and tense, and as a result, tired. Who wants to ‘hold’ onto everyone’s stuff? It implies rigidity and lack of flow.

As we each closed our circle with an inspired word, ‘breath’ was mine – perfect for the inspired flow of group work and for the times we are in. To live connected to our breath is to be fully present in the moment, allowing for change, and the ability to let go more easily.

I am reminded of the rhythmic power of the ocean and a favorite way it clears stuck energy (even on video). As the tide rolls in – inhale clear ocean energy, and exhale all the impurities to be carried away by the ocean as it recedes. Repeat.