What if I were to ask you what you’d like to create for yourself? Would it be something like: fulfillment, stability, purpose, freedom, creativity, or possibly vibrant health? Are you able to visualize or get a felt sense of these intentions in your body … or do they feel far off? Maybe you weren’t able to access what you truly want – that’s really common, and I know that feeling well myself. Subconsciously many of us may not even feel like we have a choice … or we may be sensitive to the interference from the outside (after all there’s only a little bit of fear inducing propaganda out there!) This interference can block access to our inner knowing.

Yet, at the core of our being, we have an innate wisdom – our inner healer, or higher self – that always holds our best interests at heart. In perpetually re-traumatizing times like this, we just may need ongoing support in accessing it. Grounding and ongoing self-care come to mind as powerful ways to stay tapped into our inner knowing.

Learning to trust that this inner compass is always at the helm is a powerful first step that supports our healing intentions. Here is a brief video to remind us of a simple power we all have – the power of intention.