Do you ever reflect upon your old beliefs, or ways of operating? They ‘ways’ that you’ve released and are no longer part of your current ‘operating system’? (and gratefully so, as it makes for more freedom in the present!) Well I am grateful I no longer feel like I have to represent the picture of health 24/7! Earlier in practice I honestly felt I had to be a ‘role model’ ND, so I would shy away from sharing my health issues…that if I revealed my struggles it meant that I was failing as a practitioner – jeez that was a lot to carry! I no longer feel the need to be perfect, and I also realize that people can gain insights from my challenges, mistakes, and shortcomings.

So last weekend I got ‘molded’ – I was staying at a hotel in upstate NY for a family wedding – the smell in the hotel room was suspicious the moment I walked in (please not – not all mold has a smell). I knew it was happening, so I kept the window wide open, spent my days outside, took my supplements, but it still really impacted me. I’m coming out of several days of fatigue, sinus inflammation, and slow cognition (feels like the circuits just weren’t lining up). Not everyone reacts to mold like this, but some of us sensitives do!

This video shares tips on how to support yourself in this situation. In our current times we are bombarded with toxins ALL the time so it’s critical to get on top of acute exposures for prevention.