Have you noticed that you can’t scroll very far on social media without seeing an enticing post about ‘manifesting’? Maybe it’s the perfect partner, dream vacation, or all that cash that they’re promising you? I see SO many abundance coaches offering a variety of approaches: re-wire your brain with x, y, or z technique, say affirmations, undergo hypnotherapy, or create your own vision board. I’ll admit – it has always rubbed me the wrong way … but I never knew why, until recently.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with these approaches, and in fact they can be helpful, but in a more surface way.

These approaches miss the mark, because they fail to address:

1) That the desire to manifest can come from hidden core wounds.
2) The best way to manifest is to EMBODY/BECOME the energy of that which we’re seeking.

Both of these require a deeper level of work. We have to meet our own needs inside of ourselves and THEN we’ll attract what is in alignment with us. This means healing our inner self.

In my 20 years of practice, this is where my client work has brought me. It’s slow and deep work, and I’m able to offer it only because of the long healing journey I’ve been on myself. You see, I tend to attract the type of clients who:

  • have symptoms that don’t fall into readily recognized ‘diagnoses’
  • have tried numerous approaches with only partial results
  • or who are ready for the next step – to do the inner work and resolve deeply held trauma.

Does this sound like you? Maybe your inner self is speaking to you through a recurring physical symptom (fatigue is a huge one here), maybe it’s a stressful life circumstance, or a pattern that is repeating itself in relationships. Feel free to reach out if now feels like a good time.