In naturopathic medicine, one of our core principles of practice is to remove obstacles to the body’s innate vital healing force.

What if one of those obstacles happened to be something your body thinks it needs to survive? That what could be holding you back from truly feeling well is an energetic pattern that once kept an ancestor of yours alive? And that because this very pattern ensured their survival, it then got passed along to the descendants. A pattern that could have gotten your ancestors through war, famine, forced migration, or acts of violence.

A common survival strategy I sense and feel during and shamanic energy healing is that of giving one’s power away. This may have ensured your , and it may have even once served a parent. Yet, it is a pattern that’s long been outgrown. Denying our power actually brings our bodies more harm than good. Yet, our body refuses to let go of it because it still thinks that we need it to survive. It hasn’t gotten the update that we are adults with adult skills and responsibilities living under very different circumstances.

A lot of times, these obstacles – whether it be a limiting self belief such as unworthiness, guilt or shame show up as stuck energy not only in our energy field and chakras, but also as blockages in our organ systems and pathways of cellular communication.

I see fatigue as a big symptom of giving one’s power away. This symptom was my main driving force for so much seeking on my healing journey. For the longest time I took protocol after protocol of naturopathic supplements that never reached me in the places that I needed it.

It wasn’t until I began regularly tapping into these hidden places with more subtle modalities, that I began to make progress. When I began to honor my ancestors’ survival response and re-connect with nature and the cycles of nature, that a deep settling in my nervous system began to happen.

The fact is, our bodies are resilient and wired to heal, and this innate wisdom is always present for us – even in the face of an obstacle that has had such a power and purpose. Through shamanic energy work, family constellation work, and re-connecting with nature – in the way our ancient healed ancestors did, I began to re-pattern my nervous system, and to regrow my roots. And the foundation of re-claiming one’s power is grounded and connected to the root chakra.