Even though things took a turn, a big turn, I still believe in and fully trust our body’s healing wisdom—our immune system.

Doing everything you can to strengthen your 1mmunity is THE game for now.

The sooner you become well equipped to fight off infections from your OWN medicine cabinets, the better!

Remember – your body KNOWS how to heal itself.

That can never be taken away from you.

Fear and mis-information only clouds the truth.

I created this video and Cold and Flu Protocol with additional guidance for acute c-v*d infections because this is a very powerful protocol that works.​

What do we do going forward? Sadly we can’t take our cues from MSM (mainstream media) as it is filled with misinformation. What’s bothering me the most currently is the misinformed fear about the ‘deadliness’ of De|t@. No, it’s not the case. Just because a virus is more contagious does NOT mean it is more ‘deadly.’ Dr. Paul Anderson’s recent update goes over this well.

Please know that I see you. I hear you, and I certainly feel you as an empath. Many of you are asking me what to do to stay safe and healthy. Here are my 3 top tips:


Nurture your 1mmunity step-by-step as we head into a seasonal change, which naturally can shake up your balance. Here are my go to tips in this cold and flu protocol.


Delt@, delt@, delt@ can I help ya, help ya, help ya? (Remember the SNL skit? 😆) Shield yourself from the Delt@-v@ariant with my delicious and nutritious Elderberry Syrup!

Good plain, in bubbly water, in your smoothie, over oatmeal. A few bottles left in this batch of viral soldiers. It’s $39 with shipping, $28 for locals. Message me to pick up or for delivery!