Winter is a time of letting go and going within … along with … slowing down and making space for deep rest. When we follow this rhythm, we do right by our immune system. Together, let’s prepare for a healthy and nourishing winter!

Some questions to ask yourself:

What is in my mindheart, and energy field right now?
What’s in my refrigeratorpantry, and medicine cabinet?

An open, heart-centered mindset inspires a confidence that guides the body in healing. Regular energy clearing supports the immune system as the boundary it is designed to be. I have seen patients wreck their immunity by overworking and not saying ‘no’ to other peoples’ demands. Lack of strong and healthy boundaries can lead to immune system weakness.

On a practical level, are you listening to your body’s cues? Prevention is a WHOLE BODY concept, and the critical piece is listening to your body. After all, our body’s needs change in winter – we are not designed to move as quickly or be as productive in the darker, colder months. Therefore, slowing down and taking good care of our bodies is critical in the next 8 weeks to avoid the cold and flu.

When we’re tuned into our body and start to feel run down, how we ‘mother ourselves’ in the first 24-48 hours are critical and can radically change the course of any illness. When we combine this knowing with an intelligently stocked medicine cabinet, we are turbo-charged for wellness. The only thing missing is knowing what to do and having a game plan.

The good news is: I have created a 3-part video series FULL of pertinent information you need to have at your finger tips to feel safe and prepared as we head into the cooler, darker months.

These tried and true methods are from 20 years of naturopathic practice. You will know exactly what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones well this winter!

Grab the video series and get a FREE PDF on how to successfully treat the first stages of Cv*d (or right when you test positive). I learned a ton through my experience and I put this handout together to create better outcomes for as many people as possible!

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So what’s included in the series, anyway?

Class One ~ Essential Foundation of Optimal Health

Dr. Marie discusses why good nutrition is essential for having a strong immune response. Some highlights include:

  • Nutritional Guidelines – getting in what your kids need & avoiding problem foods
  • Food intolerance and food allergies
  • How foods affect the immune response
  • Elimination and challenge diets – the gold standard of determining food stressors (without expensive testing)

Class Two ~ Creating Your Own Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Dr. Marie shows you what items you need for your homeopathic first aid kit. Highlights:

  • What is homeopathy and why is it an ideal treatment for kids?
  • Remedies for physical injuries – cuts, bumps, scrapes, bruises
  • Remedies for common ailments – tummy aches, headaches, skin rashes, allergies

Class Three ~ Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Dr. Marie guides you to stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Highlights:

  • Foods that hinder immunity
  • Supplements crucial for long-term immune support
  • How to recognize and treat the first signs of illness
  • Home remedies (including homeopathy, botanicals, hydrotherapy) for earaches, sore throats, coughs, flu and more.

This class is for you if you:

  • Already dabble in natural healing methods
  • Feel disappointed by your primary care doctor’s approach
  • Google for more information often
  • Want to feel confident in self treatment
  • Feel like you’ve got untapped potential, and you’d like some guidance on how to use your remedies

Here’s what some clients have to say about ‘Healthy Kids, Happy Families’

“Dr Marie has a way of inspiring trust in the body’s healing that I haven’t experienced before. She’s helped our family navigate health challenges naturally when the solutions western medicine were offering seemed unnecessary and invasive. This series has been useful for our two daughters (now 3 and 6) and it even helped us avoid taking antibiotics. This series is a way to take our power back and be prepared with solutions to every day health challenges and acute conditions. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for more support and ways of intervening quickly, safely, and effectively!” — A.N. Entrepreneur & Mother of 2

“I highly recommend this series as your ‘go to’ resource for natural, at home treatments. It is full of solutions for a wide variety of ailments. Every family can benefit from having their own homeopathic kit at home, and Dr. Marie has put all of that information together. We are living in such fear, disinformation, and a lack of awareness about the body’s innate healing ability – it’s now more important than ever to care for your family, at home. This series will help you do that!” — T.D. Career Mom of 2 & Yoga Teacher

Add Healthy Kids, Happy Families to your home library and stay well when you follow these protocols.