After these past two years, it’s completely normal to feel worn down, unmotivated and uninspired. To me, it feels like we are experiencing a collective soul loss. (Well maybe not Texas- I just got back from a trip, and things feel great there).

Because there hasn’t been room for processing or healing, I felt inspired to re-kindle an old offering to support us in re-igniting our inner spark. ✨

If you’re looking for more immediate clarity and inspiration, check out these ideas:

7 Things that Dim Your Vibrational Frequency


Each thought emits a frequency to the Universal field of energy. If you have sad, fearful, or jealous thoughts, the field will bounce that same energy back to you. Obviously, it’s okay to feel down sometimes but it’s also vital to cultivate positive thoughts.

PRACTICE: When you notice a negative thought, immediately reframe by saying “I NOTICE I had the thought that…” (This is from the work of Byron Katie). Simply saying the word ‘notice’ breaks the pattern and your brain is free to not follow this negative ‘program’


Music also has a frequency. If you’re tuned into songs about cheating or fighting, then it will impact how you’re feeling. We attract what we FEEL.

Listen to this song, it always resets my mood!


The content we consume on a daily basis can dim your light so if what you’re seeing on social media puts you in comparison mode or makes you feel worse, unfollow that account.


Organize and clean your home and office environment. When you declutter and take care of what you have, you create space for what you want to attract.


When you spend time with motivated, open-minded people, you will enter into this vibration. If you hang out with people who thrive on drama or like to suck your energy, you will leave feeling depleted. So notice how you feel after spending time with friends, and curate your inner circle carefully.

SIX: GRATITUDE (do you have enough?)

What might you be taking for granted? Life can change so quickly from one day to the next…simple things like food, water, shelter, family, work, and a few friends you can rely on, means you are VERY RICH!


It can be hard not to complain sometimes – everyone needs to vent. But do you ever find yourself gossiping? Talking badly about others is not only damaging, but it can also erode the trust that others had in you. Speaking kindly does just the opposite!

photo of a hummingbird

The Munay-Ki are the initiation rites of the Q’ero shaman of the Peruvian Andes. Called the 9 Great Rites of Enlightenment, they are a series of nine energy transmissions to help heal our soul’s wounds by clearing and illuminating our luminous energy fields.

These rites attune us to our divine nature, by upgrading our luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past—the karmic and genetic programs and beliefs we inherited.

As we go through all 9 initiations of the Munay-Ki, we will download a new energetic template, which will support us in living with more vibrance.

In this series, you will receive: energetic protection, support from the group energy field, recordings and handouts to continue to attune yourself to these powerful energies.

Together we’ll meet on Zoom for 3 consecutive Sundays starting on February 20th. The investment will be $140, and recordings will be available.

Munay-Ki is designed to bring about great transformation in your life. So if that calls to you, please join us!