How good are you at following the cues to slow down?

As it happens, every so often my practice will slow down. Over the years, I’ve learned to take this as a cue to do less and go slower because it’s an opportunity for healing and growth. The old me would have fought this or pushed through – spurred on by the belief that productivity means value. Isn’t it great when our inner critic finally learns to let go?

I’ve landed with downtime after putting down the sword with DC Health (more on that later). This has provided me space and time to unpack some of the losses and stressors that coincided for me personally along with the cv*d era trauma that we all carry.

With the full moon eclipse landing on my birthday and 10 day meditation retreat at the end of May, it’s turning out to be quite a month of healing! I feel positive changes are happening and I’m thrilled to be dreaming quite vividly again (always a good sign!)

Anyway, I’m reaching out briefly from my cocoon to share a few things to support your well being:​


Naturopathic Medicine Week is next week!

With an estimated 30-50% of those infected suffering from long cov*d – symptoms, access to Naturopathic Medicine is now more critical than ever. As experts in prevention, NDs are well poised to fill in the massive gap in this health crisis (think prevention, aggressive early and long haul treatment). Education and empowerment are something NDs excel at and the reason why I’m so passionate about spreading the word about what we do.

If you’re interested in receiving helpful tips to keep you and your loved ones well, consider subscribing to the VAANP newsletter. For the week of Naturopathic Medicine Week, you’ll receive daily emails (curated or written by yours truly) with helpful tips and protocols in this time of ongoing immune threats.

Optimize your Neurological Bandwidth!

We know that the body is home to the psyche. We can strengthen its foundation with naturopathic strategies that improve resilience and nervous system regulation – both of which support emotional balance and healing.

I’m excited to share key concepts and protocols in naturopathic medicine that improve neurological bandwidth:

– How to Cultivate Restorative Sleep

– Learn to Eat – The Anti-Inflammatory Way

– Support the HPA Axis to Optimize Stress Adaptation

After this presentation, both clinicians and non-clinicians will be able to implement these strategies on their own to optimize their own nervous system health, and further support clients in doing the same. Tending to the physical body supports deeper work with your clients and on your own healing journey. As well, it’s burnout prevention for you, and after these last 2 years, don’t we all need that?!