Have you been feeling unsure of what’s next, unmotivated, or just plain tired (even though we are in the glory days of summer)?

If so, you could be going through a change. It’s possible you’re transitioning the way you orient yourself in relation to society to a 5D existence (spiritually oriented) from a 3D existence (materially oriented). Many are making this transition currently.

While the ‘D’ in 3D and 5D is ‘dimension,’ these aren’t physical locations but rather an awareness or level of consciousness from which one operates.

3D is the state of awareness that most people in our society have been operating from for a long time. This level of consciousness holds the perspectives of: duality, individuality, and individual separation. The focus is on material security.

With a 5D consciousness, we have a felt sense that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We’ve shifted beyond duality, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life, and we make choices based on this.  We ‘see from the eyes of the heart’ and our egos take a back seat.

The 3D to 5D transition is a process that typically takes time, happening gradually over many years.  Right now, the conditions are ripe for many to make a much faster shift. As this process takes place, there’s an intermediary phase – 4 D – that involves a shedding of old beliefs that no longer serve where we are headed. (Incidentally, it’s also during this phase that many experience coincidences and even see ‘angel’ numbers 11:11, 4:44 repeatedly).

Some signs you’re possibly making this shift:

  • Feeling disillusioned with the material world (what’s it all for?)
  • Greater desire to be in nature
  • More easily fatigued by ‘the grind’
  • Less interest in superficial chit chat
  • Know that we have a potential beyond homes, cars, and toys
  • See the interconnectedness of all vs a dualistic/individual
  • Old memories rising to the surface to be dealt with

If this resonates for you, then you’re doing some very important work on behalf of the collective. The more awake and spiritually oriented we are, the more we will usher in a better future – especially for our children.  So now is a good time to replenish:

Spend extra time grounding in nature
When you do the deep inner work to cultivate your spiritual self, you begin to run your energy vertically (earth and sky) vs horizontally (chakras plugged into media, technology, or any variety of  ‘material’ world). You’ll require regular access to nature and spiritual energy to feel well.

We’re 80% water, so plain and simple – better hydration means better flow.

Clear your energy
Use any of the ways that work best for you, and you may need to do this more often: smudge with sagesalt scrubs in the shower, or a detox bath. My favorite way is looking up at the sun and filling in from head to toe.

Ask for help
We all have guides and angels wanting to help us. But they won’t do so until we invite them in, because they need our permission.

Thinking them in doesn’t work, so say a simple prayer (it doesn’t even have to be out loud). Something like: ‘I’m calling in a million healing angels to help my day go smoothly and easily.’

In reading this, does the whole 3D to 5D concept sound like a bunch of nonsense? That’s OK, you’re likely vibing with the 3D matrix – just know that some of those around could be going through this shift and the need to have a safe healing space is very real, it’s not a sign of weakness.

Does this not resonate 100% with you, but you find it striking a cord and you want to explore further? You may consider some energy work as spiritual fuel to strengthen your connection to your higher self. Consider joining our monthly Full Moon Healings, check out the Munay Ki frequency transmissions, and any of my distance healing offerings.

Who knew that 2+ years ago the societal structures we’d become so much a part of would show their dark side – it can tug on our energy to stay resourced. As we operate more and more out of 5D, the fast paced material world will feel less hospitable. While uncomfortable, this is positive because it will usher in big changes that are more supportive of the whole.