Early on in my practice, I was a detox die hard. I started every new client on an elimination diet right away, encouraging them to cleanse a minimum of twice yearly, and ideally four times per year. (How draconian of me! I remember some of my colleagues were so shocked that I could convince folks to follow a 2-week elimination diet at the very first visit!)

Clearly, I KNEW the benefits of regular detoxing because I had experienced them firsthand (better energy and clarity, improved moods and hormonal balance, better digestion and immunity).

I also knew the uphill battle we’re fighting when it comes to our body’s burden of environmental exposure. There are over 80,000 chemicals that may impact our health such as heavy metals, plastics, VOC’s, AND glyphosate in our food supply.

(SO if you haven’t cleansed before, then you’re missing out on THE best secret weapon for prevention!)

Cleansing was my main mode of lightening my burden and those of my clients physically and even emotionally. At that point, I had yet to dive deeply into my inner healing work to resolve hidden trauma, so regular cleanses were a very freeing experience.

Years later, fully immersed in inner work, I went through a period where I literally could Not. Do. A. Single. Cleanse. I was deep in a process of another kind of cleansing – freeing myself from buried emotions, which was exhausting. Afterwards, I noticed that I was MUCH less reactive to all of my typical food stressors (gluten, dairy, sugar).

I now have a more balanced approach. You see, when we do the inner work to dissolve the blockages that our life experiences create, cellular function is enhanced and our therapeutic diets and supplements can actually have the impact they were designed for.

Because seasonal cleanses prime our body’s natural emunctories (routes of elimination) they’re vital for health maintenance. While we often think of detoxing with New Year’s resolutions or as a spring cleaning, late summer is actually the ideal time!

Here are 5 reasons WHY we should all do a late summer cleanse:

  1. It is hands down the easiest time of year to ‘reign it in.’ We have the most support from nature. The brightness of the sun is not only energetically uplifting, it also supports production of feel good neurotransmitters – dopamine and serotonin.
  2. We can also get by with a lighter diet as we don’t need calorically dense protein sources to keep our core warm in the summer months.
  3. The abundance of harvest time creates ample opportunity to ‘eat the rainbow.’ The more colors and species of plants that we add to our plates, the more we create a biodiverse microflora – the foundation of a resilient immune system.
  4. We’re following nature’s rhythm – just as trees put their energy into their roots and let go of dead leaves, it’s time for us to lighten our load. After all, it’s common to live a little ‘harder’ in the summer months with vacation and social time!
  5. Cleansing lowers gut inflammation and supports a healthier microbiome – preventing fall allergies and prepping our immune system for winter.

I also find cleansing in a group is WAY easier. So I’m hoping you will join me in a 10-day End of Summer Cleanse starting September 6th. (Save the date – more details to follow!)

For a small investment, you will receive:

  • 3 video calls with energy clearing and healing
  • Handouts
  • Recipes
  • Supplement Protocol (optional)