Do you feel more pressure now than ever to take your health and the health of your family into your own hands? If so, you’re not alone. It’s pretty clear that our medical system is poised at worst case scenarios and ‘damage control’. While this type of care is critical, there’s very little education around prevention – not to mention the reversal of chronic illness. If there’s a drug for that – then that tends to be the solution.

Anyone with an empowered stance is left to navigate the vast terrain of natural healing. Not an easy task, as this field has grown and changed exponentially in the past couple of decades. Things were WAY simpler when I started practicing in 2002!

We now have access to highly specific lab testing, more and more sophisticated supplements and high tech interventions. It can be difficult to keep up with, and I can imagine overwhelming as a consumer.

I also think my field is in a position where the forest can easily be lost for the trees. It’s easy to jump to the latest and greatest intervention while neglecting the foundational pieces (how many times have I seen someone on an array of supplements yet their diet is poor and they’ve never cleansed?)

I favor a simple approach first, because I know our bodies are designed to heal. In fact, we’re blessed with built in emunctories (routes of elimination) that work on our behalf night and day to rid ourselves of toxicity. Our skin, kidneys, lungs, and GI work for us behind the scenes to eliminate through the sweat, urine, breath, and stool.

They’re so effective, that if we lived in a clean environment aligned with nature’s cycles (and with severely less screen time!) eating organic foods – much in the way our ancestors did – we’d never have to do a cleanse.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re in a time where soil depletion necessitates nutritional supplementation and environmental toxicity means cleansing should be a mainstay of health optimization and prevention.

Supplementing and cleansing are both simple interventions I encourage everyone to get comfortable integrating into their lifestyle.


I’d also love to invite you to my first virtual cleanse program. It weaves together the best of my tried and true naturopathic cleanse (think elimination diet made simple) with regular energy clearings.

So let’s clear our bodies of what it is ready to shed! After all, we’re carrying extra emotional weight from these last few years.


Your 10-Day Virtual Program Includes:
✨ Dietary Cleanse Plan
✨ Easy-to-make Anti-inflammatory Recipes
✨ Supportive Lifestyle Practices to Last a Lifetime
✨ 3 Zoom Energy Clearing Sessions
✨ Daily Email Guidance
✨ Supplement Protocol (optional)

If you are curious about the elimination diet, this cleanse is for you! The past few years have been SO much for our bodies to process, many of us feel stuck because our bodies are too overwhelmed to feel safe enough to let go.

Let’s come forward in safe and sacred space together to recenter and release all that no longer serves the body, mind, and spirit ✨

Claim your seat today!

There will come a time in your life when you walk away from toxic thoughts, behaviors, and foods. Instead you choose empowering habits and people who help you create a better life. Forget the past. Focus on treating yourself to the ultimate gift of letting go.

Falling down is part of life, and this cleanse will pick you back up.

We start September 6th. This experience will change the way you relate to food and how much more you can love yourself.

Dr. Marie