To spice up your self-care, I have 3 events to sprinkle in: 1) Virtual Full Moon Healing Journey on 6/29, 2) In Person Receive, Replenish, Reconnect Playshop on 7/9, & 3) Shamanic Immersion in February 2024.


A couple of really good things happened on Midsummer. I went back to art class after several months and I had my first shamanic healing in a year and a half. I feel more like myself again and it feels good. So good.

Yes, it was way too long to go without this type of work. (Especially as a practitioner – we need our own medicine to heal…’healer heal thyself’ only goes so far).

Why did I go this long without the very medicine that I frequently provide for others? Good question! Well, my main shamanic teacher stopped doing one-on-one sessions about a year and a half ago, and when our work ended, I thought it must have meant some type of graduation. After all, I made it through a divorce and pandemic so things certainly wouldn’t be as heavy, would they?

Besides, I do PLENTY of other healing work, spiritual, and self-care practices, periodic meditation retreats, and surely living a shamanic lifestyle would suffice.

In 20-20 hindsight, without even realizing it – I’d gotten to a place of ‘damage control’ – one I’m very familiar with getting people out of. Clearly I had shamanic healing needs that I wasn’t owning. (Lesson learned!)

The truth is we all have our own individual self-care needs: physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional. AND the tricky thing is that our self-care needs can change.

Listening to the shamanic healer rattle as I lay on the couch, kitty girl perched next to me, we both went extremely deep and I could feel the layers of heaviness just lifting and lifting up to the sky – which I thought was so cool because this is exactly what I feel as I work on other people.

What I have found is the clearer I am, the more I am able to show up in this crazy world at this wild time. Sunday I did my first in person group sound healing in my office and it went really well. I know the work I received a couple days prior set the stage for me to show up in a new way.

Do you have any new needs that you’re ready to explore?

To help you front load your self-care, I have 3 healing events you can check out below:

DATE CHANGE! We will meet on June 29th at 7:30pm (instead of July 3rd as I will be away). This online portal guides you to:

🌕 Clear space in your mind and heart for what’s next

🌕 Reconnect to what inspires you

🌕 Support your nervous system with a deep reset

🌕 Replace limiting beliefs with love and trust!


Stop wondering where the spiritual seekers are. You will meet them on July 9th in our sacred community at Alexandria, Virginia!

Watch our Instagram or Facebook LIVE to see what we have planned for you!

Let the vibrations of the sound bowls and tuning forks wash over you as you replenish your essence to bring greater ease into your life. Join Reva & I for an afternoon of playful rejuvenation.



We are officially halfway to the holidays, Michele.

Do you have travel plans booked?

Or will you find yourself at Thanksgiving with a retreat to look forward to that will change your life?

There’s still time to make a big shift. The one you’ve been ‘talking about for a while now.’ Once you do, health/income/relationship goals will be easier to come by.

Join Rose and I for a LIVE Q&A call on July 17th at 7:00pm ET to learn more about our Shamanic Immersion in Mexico!

On this call, hear more about:

  • The breathtaking land sacred to the Huicol peoples
  • Activities we have planned for you
  • What is included in the cost and what’s not
  • Organic ways to break the cycles of generational trauma
  • How we overcame our own healing challenges


There are only a few spaces left, so if this is a YES in your heart, make plans now. Your healing begins the moment you book the trip. Feel free to ​schedule a call with me​ if you have questions.

All the best,

P.S. When you join any of these healing events, they will help stay connected to everything and attached to nothing!​