I was recently interviewed by Mystic Mag and it reminded me that a few weeks ago, I celebrated 19 years in practice!

For those of you who have known me for the long haul, I’ve grown and changed a whole lot and continue to do so. I love to learn and blend and make things my own. I’m a shapeshifting alchemist who has taken So. Many. Friggin. Courses.

I wanted to take a moment to honor some of the practitioners and friends I turn to when I need to reset and replenish my energy so I can keep showing up and shining my light.

Thank you:

Michele Santo for your calm and steady motivation in helping me to stay on track and connected with you all!

RedMakArt for texting me on the regular just to make sure ‘I’m good.’

Sacred Recreation for your revolutionary approach to Craniosacral Therapy and reminding me to be led by wellness and harmony.

Liz Piren for sharing your awesome DC office with me and for partnering on future sound baths!

Pinpoint Therapy for fitting me into your schedule and always helping me come back to center.

Amalthea Coaching for your insightful and validating astrological updates and deeply potent Akashic sessions that focus my course.

Dr. Christine for being on the same exact wavelength with me ALL these years – we certainly are from the same star pod!

Marigold Wellness for our energy exchange and future collaborations- I’m learning so much!

Dalila Adams for your insightful, intuitive wisdom and energetic power and helping me to access clarity when I’ve needed it the most!

Dr. Dae my ‘ride or die’ for the spontaneous getting out of town for the day with a moment’s notice.

Tara Ellen for sharing space and enhancing the energy in my Old Town office.

Red Light Therapy for those deeply restful sessions that melt my stress away.

BluRoom for that activating blast of high frequency light that banishes any darkness.