How has your winter been going?

With the double snow storms and unprecedented cold last week, I felt like I could have collapsed into winter – sink into a minimum of movement until brighter days arrived.   As my connection to nature has intensified, I really feel the impact the season has on my body.  

Moving at a summer pace in winter has become all but impossible.  It’s a naturally introverted time. I can’t seem to get nearly as much done (and it can be a practice to accept this fully in our productivity driven culture)…I also seem to need WAY more self care to get my days started.  

I realized I’m a lot like a plant – I derive a lot of energy and motivation from solar energy.  I often channel sunlight in my in person energy work (if you’ve been on my table you know the visualization – ‘open up your crown to let the golden light pour in’).  

So, admittedly, my work in the world has been feeling heavier this winter –  I’ve found myself immersed in yet another chapter of shadow work (hooray – just kidding).  This go around was initiated by my current flower spirit apprenticeship class and some impactful trauma resolution work I’ve been experiencing by diving into the works of Teal Swan – spiritual badass extraordinaire.

My newest ‘learning’ is that the subconscious mental constructs we create to understand and handle life events – which conveniently act as a bridge to get us from one place to another in times of need- are actually BIG blocks to the flow of our life force energy AND limit access to our True Selves.  

Like that ski accident I had 30 years ago – I was surprised by how much charge is still there. Waking up with an aching knee led me to discover a new way of energy integration which I will bring to our full moon healing circle this year.  The full moon journey this year will be creating an opportunity for reclamation. 

Our energy systems are like conscious rivers of light. When we experience trauma, our river continues to flow, however a stream becomes disconnected, or the water becomes frozen or dammed.  The first step is to witness, and an unfolding of unprocessed energy will begin naturally in a way that’s suited to the moment we find ourselves in.