Our earliest days within our mothers’ womb is an incredibly potent time – our experience could have ranged from cocooned bliss to that of extreme vulnerability. Marinating in our mom’s energetic milieu, being informed by the energies of her emotions, beliefs and ancestral energy sets the tone of our earthly life in seen and unseen ways.

Many of us are generational healers engaged in the sacred work of transmuting these imprints – transforming the heaviness of the legacy we’ve inherited into one of empowerment and greater love. As this complex path unfolds, it’s normal to notice mixed feelings on Mother’s Day – it can be a day of celebration and gratitude or a reminder of shadows and pain.

Mother’s Day can stir up memories of neglect, misunderstandings or loss. And for those who’ve experienced the unimaginable loss of a child, or those women who are still longing to become mothers themselves, Mother’s Day can be tinged with significant grief. Yet, woven through the diversity of these experiences is the common thread of truth – the creative power inherent in women.

Perhaps we can also see Mother’s Day as an honoring of this creative force and acknowledge the full spectrum of experiences that this day evokes. May the guided meditation help to honor the resilience and strength in your Mother’s Line.