The last few weeks have been an unprecedented time in the field of women’s health.  Have you heard about all the women getting crazy periods? Women have been reporting extremely painful and debilitating periods, periods that are way off schedule, heavy periods with abnormally large clots that they have never seen before in their lives, then there have been periods that don’t seem to stop, and even menopausal women are having bleeds for the first time in years.

Yes this is ALL in relation to the shot – some women are even reporting not having had a ‘normal’ cycle since receiving it!  BUT the catch is, the unusual cycles are also affecting un-jabbed women – they have come on just by being in close proximity to someone recently jabbed.  What is more sad, is that miscarriages have even been be reported in the un-jabbed.

The mainstream media has covered it lightly – citing stress around the shot as probably cause – oh puleeeze (insert eye roll).  I have other sources I trust more than the mainstream media – like my own body (yes I have been affected by this phenomenon – hence the post). I have almost a dozen first hand accounts from clients, friends and acquaintances, then there’s the doctor colleagues who’ve been texting their experience in the office and forwarding accounts of  fertility specialists experiencing surges of these cases in their practices. (I won’t post social media videos here as fact-checking is a regular nuisance – but you can reach out to me and I can email you if you’re interested).

Anyway, there’s a variety of mechanisms being purported behind these disruptive bleeds: estrogen surges, communication via exosomes, as well as shedding of the mRNA induced spike proteins (via skin, saliva, sweat) which triggers an auto-immune response. The proteins in the spike protein are similar to reproductive tissue proteins, so when the immune system creates antibodies to the mRNA (intended outcome of the shot) it’s possible these same antibodies impact the reproductive system.

While main stream media has completely normalized/minimized this UNPRECEDENTED event, the health freedom sector is loudly sounding the alarm – even calling for the UN-vaccinated to now avoid the vaccinated for fear of transmission of the mystery molecules(Talk about double down division!)

I wholeheartedly agree with the concern about long term impact – we will certainly need more time and research to uncover how women’s health and fertility is currently being impacted by all of this. And I pose the question where is the conversation about disruption of natural order here?

In Ancient times, the female cycle was regarded as a holy event – women would retreat and gather for days during their time of the month.  I mean, I may be a cultural iconoclast, but I’d like to think we haven’t lost this connection entirely.  The female menstrual cycle is a highly sophisticated and intricate orchestration of  hormones that connect women to lunar rhythms.  Native American tradition regards it as a monthly ceremony, and in Mayan traditions, the womb is the center of a woman’s power – it is so critical to well-being, that womb care is as much a daily priority as our teeth-brushing.  When the womb is centered and well nourished, everything falls into place- women don’t experience PMS, infertility, fibroids, dysmenorrhea or even menopausal symptoms.

For us women who are sensitive and connected to our bodies, who were greatly influenced by Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom (author recently de-platformed from Instagram) who take cues from our cycles, and who cringe at the thought of regulating our cycles with synthetic hormones – for us – this is a BIG f-ing DEAL.

So needless to say, when I became affected by this – I quickly went to anger at the unexpected violation on women’s rhythms.  I then had to figure out how this fit into my paradigm…I thought well this shedding or whatever the proper term is, has become yet another class of environmental toxic exposure.  The only answer is healthier living and even more self care – eat better and use the gifts of nature to re-establish balance.

I have found some herbs that work great for uterine health (Chinese peony, raspberry) and acupuncture with moxa has also been quite useful personally.  These are just the beginning of a plethora of natural options to support women now, excess bleeding is, after-all, exhausting and depleting. Thanks to my herbalist program, my compendium of plants that strengthen the female system has greatly expanded, so I’m all ready to support women in re-establishing hormonal balance.

If you know anyone who has experienced this, know it is real and they are not alone and this isn’t to be minimized.  Women’s issues have been sidelined and ignored for far too long, so for the sake of women’s health around the globe – let’s keep the conversation going.