I had really been feeling anxious and off this week. It all started before the equinox with body aches, congestion and some serious lethargy. Luckily some rest and immune support – elderberries – were perfect for clearing the rogue virus. Immune system back on track, but I was still left feeling buzzy, racey and had seriously achey legs. Classic signs of my root chakra needing some serious attention! Following the impeachment saga and getting frazzled about downed internet were doing absolutely nothing to support me feeling grounded.

I’m thinking – OK this really is anxiety- and it feels crazy. Knowing that it is hard for me to give myself advice, I literally had to think ‘ok what would I tell a client to do if they were feeling like this’. hmm I would say “legs up the wall yoga posture immediately for 20 min”

Legs up the wall is the perfect nervous system reset. In 10 min I can feel my adrenals throbbing and then I immediately got the hit that in addition to my normal meditation routine, I really need to connect more with nature to attune to the seasonal change- barefoot on the grass preferred…imagine myself rooting just like the trees send their energy down into their roots this time of year. Now is the time for more self care and even a ritual to honor the change of season. I’ve been spending 10-20 min barefoot outside in the mornings and what a huge difference it has made.

This is a perfect time of year to invest in ourselves in terms of self-care. When all of nature is slowing down and rooting, we humans tend to get busier – back to school schedules followed by holiday train. It’s hard on our bodies and it weakens our immunity. It’s not uncommon to feel edgy, irritable, lethargic or experience digestive woes or upper respiratory symptoms as we adjust to fall.

Consider ‘falling’ into some self care with a healing session for some grounding support, AND when you refer a friend you will receive 50% off a facial or massage with my friends at Ladan Holistic Spa!